Created for the Awful Summer Jam 2017

The old cartridge mine is long closed, but there are still bootlegs buried deep! You and your buddy Gus have set up a bootleg mine next to the abandoned mine shaft in order to mine some sweet forgotten bootlegs. Gus will rustle them up, and it's up to you to mine them out of the sky. (With your mouse clicks)

The bootleg gameplay should be familiar.

Font Credits:

Press Start - codeman38

Duck Hunt - Joseph Spicer

Super Plumber Bros - Jackster Productions

Music Credits:

Introjuice, Final End, I Like to Jump Rope  -

Lasso Lady - congusbongus

SFX Credits:


Mike Koenig, Daniel Simion

ZapSplat, Blastwave FX, Dusty Room,

Timothy Allen Dick


Bootleg 13 MB